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A new year usually comes with a New Year's resolution -- and with that comes change. Change is good, but people is also afraid of it. Too much risk and so many things to learn. But why do we make a list of things we want to change in our lives but so afraid of changing life anyway?

Change's great enemy is routine. Once people get used to the things they do, even if they don't like, they still stick to it. That's why people always wait for the new year to make a change in their life, to avoid disturbance in their usual routine. That is also one reason why people like me fail in achieving my New Year's resolution. But why wait that long for a change when we can start it now?

Since I am posting this on the first month of the year, I will make this a not-really New Year's resolution. Instead of changing something major with my life, I will start with the small mundane things that we usually neglect.

Project I Will #02

Easy, right? With our busy lives, we tend to forget to enjoy the simple things in life. We always focus on the big thing that we forget that it's also important to stop for a while a savor the moment. Doing this doesn't have to last for only a week, we can do this everyday in our lives, starting now.

This post's inspiration is from a link shared by WifelySteps in her Plurk account. It's a website where you can make your new year's resolution if you can't think of any. But in my case, I'd like to make it a weekly resolution. Like a Project 365 with photography but I would like to call this Project I Will and will be made weekly.

But since I found out about the site this week, I will consider the first entry I received from the site as the first week entry. Since the New Year falls on a Friday, I will start posting new entries in Project I Will on Fridays.

I will end this blog post by doing my first week's resolution.

Project I Will #01

ahn nyeong ha se yo
guten tag

- - -

New Year's Resolution Generator can be found in Monina Velarde's website

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