Creating jewelry makes my heart melt

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a beading magazine on a book sale. I am not much of an accessory type of person but the thought of making something that I could wear and at the same time easy to make excites me. I bought the magazine and went directly to the local store selling glass and plastic beads and bought the essentials according to the magazines. I have made a couple of jewelry, even influenced my sister in making some and most of our finished projects went straight to her collection and for some that are left in my care were lost last September.

Just this evening, I was browsing my photo collection for something I could put up for the Photo Hunters week but what caught my attention surprised me. It's definitely not a theme of the week in the photo group but a definite blog worthy photo.

The photos above are just two of those creations I mentioned. A green beaded necklace with a leaf pendant and an anklet made of plastic pearl beads and leather cord.

Most of what we did are bracelets and earrings for they are really easy to make and can be worn everyday. I know my sister enjoyed her new stash of jewelry and these two are just some of those that are left in my collection.

Years passed and had a new hobby to get myself busy to, jewelry design lost my attention, until last October. You see, after Typhoon Ondoy, my daughter and I went straight to my father's home in Manila and only visited our house in Marikina a week after the great flood. I was shocked to see that my mother-in-law was wearing one of the bracelets I made. I actually stared at it for a long time and when she noticed me staring, she asked if I wanted to keep it. I just smiled but shook my head no. She told me that she found it just outside our door when they returned to our place the next day. She said that she doesn't know who it belongs to but the quality is nice because she wore it everyday since she found it and went through heavy cleaning and laundry washing and it is still intact. My heart swelled. I touched the beads one last time before returning to what I was doing.

The holiday passed and someone gave her a new bracelet but she still wear my bracelet. Though she still doesn't know that I designed it, my heart melts each time I see it on her wrist.


  1. Oh my goodness. That is just lovely, Gene! I'm so happy for you with this serendipitous moment. I'd like to think it's a thumbs-up from the Universe for you to keep doing what makes you happy, be it jewelry design, needle/yarnwork or sewing. Good for you! :)

  2. Thanks Jonette. It is really heartwarming. That's why I plan on making more time with it and stop procrastinating. One step at a time.

  3. oh mama mia...that is too gorgeous....love the necklace...:) would like to get one of those beading books....love ko rin kasi gumawa ng beads...kaso alang time...lol!

    am sure mapakitaan din yan....thanks for sharing mami dearest...and thanks pala sa dalaw!

  4. Oh, it was a touching story. Maybe you should try and make some more now?

    BTW, I love the necklace :)

  5. Hi!interesting to know that you design beaded accessories.I've always wanted to try that but never got the chance (errr, never made time for it).sigh. It's my frustration,coz i've never tried it even though i've always yearned to.Good for you then to pursue your passion!

    Hey,maybe it's about time that you spill the beans on who really designed that bracelet? hehe mind you, you might get loads of orders di ba?

  6. @Dhemz Thank you! You should visit Booksale and ask the staff there if they have some beading magazines so that you won't have to go through hundreds of entertainment mags.

    @puzzle Thanks. I have to delay making them for now due to the lack of proper place to work with. Beads are too risky to a very curious soon to be 1 year old daughter.

    @Rochelle Naunahan na ako ng hiya na sabihin sa kanya before. I'm saving all of my design ideas for now, I'd like to work with semi-precious stones and beads and research on where I could get affordable ones. Unfortunately silver wiring are hard to find here. Ipon muna ng budget for that.


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