Johnson's Body Care in the Mail

I was still groggy from sleep when my brother-in-law told me that I have to sign a package from LBC. I'm not really sure what it is, but I was hopeful that it would be the gift package from Johnson's that I've signed up for in December. To my surprise, it is what I was hoping for. It doesn't matter that I went out of the house in pajamas and signed the package with my ugly scrawl of a handwriting. I just love receiving things in the mail. And freebie items beats any good coffee in the morning. How's that for a wake-up call.

I've been using Johnson's products for quite sometime now. I like the smell of their items and the baby products are so mild I am using it for Una's bath, mine is the Melt Away Stress Daily Body Wash. And I'm glad I get to try the lotion version of my body wash. I prefer using unscented lotion to prevent their smell from clashing, now I have something to partner with my body wash. It's my form of pampering myself since I can't go out and have massages all the time.

My gift package comes with four 24-hours Lasting Moisture body lotion and two Melt Away Stress body lotion (not seen on the photo above.) It supposed to come with the Naturally White body lotion but I guess they don't have that much supplies left.

This promo was in partnership with FemaleNetwork. Unfortunately, I went to visit their site again while I was writing this, it seems that their promo has ended.


  1. hi! you visited my blog and pledged your support for the contest i'm planning. for that, thank you so much! you're offer for the ad spot is just perfect. appreciate it!

  2. No problem, just let me know who won, or I'll know from your blog post anyway.

  3. wow, coolness! congrats on the freebie! ;-)

  4. Thanks cpsanti! I almost lost the confidence of receiving the package. It took a month before they were delivered but I'm still glad that I was still included in the freebie.

  5. That's so cool naman! I love Johnson's! :D


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