Project I Will #3

I know, this is supposed to be posted yesterday but I was so dead tired that I have to put off doing nothing but rest to regain my health. Yeah so much for being productive.

It seems that Una transferred her colds to me, I don't mind since I prefer getting sick that her suffering from her colds but the stress from preparing her birthday celebration only added to degrade my health condition and I've been worse than her. So I'll stop my blabbing now and rest some more. Hopefully, I'll get back to my healthy self soon and be really productive.

Have a great weekday everyone!


  1. goodluck on your goal for 2010 :)

  2. Watch your health and good luck on being productive.Just lemme know if you need my referral when you plan to go back to work coz i'll be happy to refer you to our HR.Get well to Una too,if she still has colds.


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