Una's Big One!

For my daughter's big one, we celebrated it like a holiday. Being a weekday, it's nice to know that people really care enough for us to be able to take a leave from work and join us in celebrating our daughter's first birthday. Most of them are close and extended family members and some close friends. We can't thank them enough for being there and taking part in the party activities.

But that's not all. Like any other Filipino holiday, we love to extend our festivities. MIL cooked pancit bihon and made buko salad while Daddy K's Aunts made puto and biko to include in our home celebration.Our weekends are booked to. As a way of late celebration, we will be meeting some of her godparents on Saturday and then her godmother on Sunday next week for a picnic.

It's been a long day and looking forward to long weekends in the future. But will catch up on some sleep later so I can work on making a better looking personal essay. Lord knows, I need to improve my writing skills.


  1. How cute,your daughter. =) best regards!

  2. Yay! Happy birthday to Una! Here's to more happy years for you and her to come! :D


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