Keeping Up with the Car

I cannot believe that I didn't blog about the time when we had Godo to our family last year. Before you all get confused, no, we didn't go all Brangelina and adopted a kid. Instead we bought a second hand car.

We welcomed Godo to the family in late May last year. After weeks of looking online for second hand cars, we finally found one that fits our budget and needs. You may be wondering why we bought a second hand sedan. Being first time car owners, we decided to be practical and start with a practice car and honestly, we really can't afford buying a brand new car then even if we wanted to and I personally prefer a house of our own over a brand new car. But DK would say otherwise so we met in the middle and bought a second hand car. As soon as we saw the car, we knew that it was it. We returned the next day and bought home our new baby.

We are really thankful that we had a great deal with Godo despite the minor repairs when we got it. We didn't even spend that much as we were expecting to when Godo we're drowned by the flood brought by Typhoon Ondoy. But even as it is that he is in a good condition, we're still planning on having him fully checked soon to make sure that his parts are all in good working condition.

For some, it may sound like having a car is too expensive. It is expensive but the convenience and safety it brought us whenever we go out with Una or have our occasional visit my family is priceless that's why we are considering Godo's expenses as if we have another child. Maybe we should get one of those personalised number plates for Godo just to show how much we appreciate him. It's not just any car anyway, it's a damn good car and I think he deserves to have his own personalised number plates.

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  1. We really don't have much choice, since having a car here in Metro Manila is a necessity esp. if you are 3 or more in your family that have to go commute.


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