Beadwork with Freshwater Pearls

Remember my previous post a couple of days ago about how jewelry making melts my heart? Well, I've been thinking of starting my stash again so I can start making my own jewelry. This time, instead of using plastic and glass beads, I'd like to start collecting semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. A bit on the expensive side but I'm also planning to make use of it as a sideline while I still can't find part time job that will work for our family.

Pearl earrings from Oriental Pearls

I have found a supplier for semi-precious stones before when I was still learning how to bead. And just recently, I stumbled upon a website that offers cultured pearls. They also make pearl jewelry that are really lovely it made me want to buy the finished item instead of making them. I really wish I could make something like that someday. But for now, I’m back to researching more information about jewelry making pearls.


  1. If you could make pieces like that, I doubt you would have any trouble finding customers.

  2. I'm sure I will but credit goes to Oriental Pearl. The lovely earrings serves as an inspiration for me.
    Thank you for dropping by.


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